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Alarm doesn’t deter burglars

Published on 25/06/2007

25 June 2007 BRUSSELS – It is extremely easy to break into a home. Some burglars do not even take any equipment to break in because they know they will find whatever they need on site. Half of burglars are not deterred by an alarm.

This information comes from a survey among the burglars themselves conducted by the Vrije Universiteit Brussels and the University of Ghent, VRT radio reported on Monday.

Most burglars are not scared off by alarms. “About half says that they are deterred by an alarm,” says researcher Isabelle Verwee. “But in many cases they still enter the home, thinking that if the alarm does go off, I’ll just take the items quickly and run away.”

Finding residents at home does scare most off. Three in four burglars say that they abort their burglary attempt if they notice that the residents are home.

The fact that homes are so easy to break into is mainly due to the nonchalance of residents when leaving home. “Residents leave their doors or windows open,” says Verwee. “Or the garden or garage is left open, or the key is hidden in a predictable place. That makes it very easy for burglars.”

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