Home News Broken-down Eurostar train out of Channel Tunnel: spokesman

Broken-down Eurostar train out of Channel Tunnel: spokesman

Published on 08/01/2010

LONDON – Services on the high-speed train link between London, Paris and Brussels were expected to be disrupted by the new incident, following major disruption before Christmas.

"The train is out of the tunnel," the spokesman told AFP, adding that it was being towed to Ashford, southeast of London, where passengers would be transferred to another train to complete their journey.

Asked about the cause of the latest breakdown — which comes as northern Europe shivers in bitter cold and snow that has caused transport chaos — he said: "We are looking at that urgently, but it’s too early to tell."

Several Eurostar trains broke down in the tunnel between Britain and France in December due to the cold, sparking a three-day suspension of service that left tens of thousands of passengers stranded before Christmas.

That breakdown was blamed by the trains’ operators on snow they said was more powdery than usual that had filtered into engine compartments and melted once the trains entered the tunnel.

Eurostar services faced fresh disruption after Thursday’s breakdown, said the spokesman.

"There is a bit of a knock-on effect, obviously the weather remains extreme in the north of France and there will be service restrictions during the next few days. No suspension is expected. The trains continue to run," he said.