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Dutroux a ‘pure psychopath’, say analysts

Published on 05/05/2004

5 May 2004

BRUSSELS – Suspected Belgian child murder Marc Dutroux is a ‘pure’ psychopath according to psychiatrists and psychologists called to give evidence at the convicted paedophile’s trial, it was reported on Wednesday.

The expert witnesses all agreed that Dutroux had a psychopathic character, meaning he was anti-social, insensitive, self-centred, without remorse and incapable of feeling friendship or love, Le Soir newspaper reported on Wednesday.

But the experts also insisted that Dutroux was not suffering from any form of mental illness, arguing that psychopathic behaviour is a character trait.

“The psychopath considers himself the centre of the world: everything around him only exists for his needs,” psychologist Francis Lavenne told the court in the city of Arlon, where Dutroux is on trial. 

“He is a lonely stranger. He can have relationships with another person but never on a sharing basis. His partners are resources that he uses,” he added.

Psychiatrist Walter Denys added that Dutroux was a manipulator who, “juggles with reality to make sure he comes out on top.”

Denys added that he had only ever come across three psychopaths during professional interviews with some 3,000 prisoners.

Dutroux was the purest case he had ever seen, he added.

Both experts argued that psychopathic characters are almost impossible to change and that Dutroux would represent a danger to society if he were ever set free.

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