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Failed asylum seekers will leave the country

Published on 19/11/2014

The secretary of state was speaking during one of the hearings organised in parliament for all the new government ministers.

“This will happen on a voluntary basis if possible, but forcibly if necessary.”

Clarifying his policy intentions Mr Francken also promised a clamp down on terrorists and violent jihadi fighters.

“The Immigration Department must get the correct means to act forcefully” the secretary of state told MPs. “We want to limit participation in armed conflicts in certain areas. We hope to impact on departures, stays abroad and returns from these areas. We will look to see how the law can be modified where necessary and extend the possibilities of declaring re-entry bans.”

Mr Francken also plans to introduce greater protection for unaccompanied minors who apply for asylum in Belgium.

Belgium intends to double the number of places for refugees too. Some 300 refugees will be allowed to travel to Belgium as part of UN resettlement programmes.

Some 225 of the 300 places are set aside for Syrian refugees.

The refugees are people who have already left their country and are staying in neighbouring countries.

The UNHCR will select the refugees.

Mr Francken has requested special attention to be given to ethnic and religious minorities. The refugees will receive permanent protection in Belgium and will be encouraged to enter the labour market.


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