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Jumping the queue is irritation no. 1!

Published on 05/04/2007

Thursday 5 April 2007

BRUSSELS – Responsible Young Drivers (RYD) are today holding a ‘Courtesy Day’ on the roads.

The RYD announced the results of a recent poll on aggression in traffic carried out  on a sample of more than 500 Belgians.

The Top-5 in the irritating road behaviour charts:
Jumping the queue via the hard shoulder in heavy traffic
Flashing one’s lights or use of the full beam
Keeping to the left lane on the motorway and cutting in/out at the last moment
Driving onto an already full junction, thereby blocking the path of other users
Double parking, especially when other parking is available nearby.

Swearing and obscene gestures are conspicuous by their absecnce. “They are not so common in our culture, it’s more Mediterranean thing,” Johan Chiers of RYD commented.

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