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More car free zones in Brussels

Published on 17/09/2004

17 September 2004

BRUSSELS – Most of Brussels’ historic centre should be a car-free zone this time next year, it has been announced.

Le Soir reported on Friday that Brussels city authorities have agreed to make most of the roads around the historic Grand Place pedestrian only thoroughfares by the summer of 2005.

“We want to create pleasant areas for pedestrians and shopkeepers,” explained Brussels bourgemestre (mayor) Freddy Thielemans.

The new pedestrian free zone would be inside a larger area where car use would still be allowed but would be seriously discouraged for anyone except local residents.

“In this second zone, transiting traffic will be discouraged by a series of measures,” explained transport echevin (councillor) Philipe Decloux.

This measures include a 30 kilometre per hour speed limit, a reduction in the number of parking places and a complex system of one-way streets.

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