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Police seek identity of Fourniret victim

Published on 09/08/2004

9 August 2004

BRUSSELS – Police in Dinant have launched a major operation to track down a possible victim of suspected French serial killer Michel Fourniret.

Fourniret’s estranged wife Monique Olivier has accused him of killing an au pair aged 14 to 18 while she was staying at his home in Sart Custinne.

The identity of the young girl is yet to be established.

Police officers at the weekend distributed 10,000 leaflets at the “Gedinne” open-air festival in the hope that participants could provide useful information, reported RTL.

The girl is believed to have attended the same festival between 1992 and 1994.

The police leaflet urges spectators to check their photo collections from that time for crowd scenes or group pictures which may give some clue about the girl’s identity.

People can submit the photos anonymously by calling 082 211 712/713.

Fourniret, currently in the custody of the Belgian police, has confessed to nine murders in France and Belgium, but denies he killed the au pair.

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