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Search for Fourniret ‘victim’ fails

Published on 24/09/2004

24 September 2004

BRUSSELS – A police search for a possible victim of French serial killer, Michel Fourniret, has revealed nothing, it was reported on Friday.

Police were searching on Thursday for the body of a young au pair believed  to have been killed by Fourniret in the early 1990s.

An investigation team dug in three spots near to the Frenchman’s previous home in the village of Sart-Custinne but no trace of the young girl was uncovered, confirmed Dinant crown prosecutor, Arnoud d’Aspremont Lynden.

With rain pelting down, the investigators targeted a pine wood, a roadside and a pond at Rienne.

The Belgian police have said they will continue to search for the body of the au pair who was recruited by Fourniret in 1993 and disappeared without trace.

Fourniret denies her murder and the girl’s identity is still unknown.

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