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Serial killer suspect not confirmed

Published on 23/02/2007

23 February 2007

BRUSSELS – The court in Bergen has still not been able to confirm whether the 67-year-old man arrested in Montenegro is the person who was wanted in Belgium in 1998 in connection with the “garbage-bag murders.”

The only thing that is known is that the name that the Belgian police had for tracking down the suspect at that time, Smajo or Smalje Dzurlic, was a pseudonym. This name had been passed on to Belgian police by US authorities, who were requesting the extradition of the suspect in connection with a murder in New York City in 1990.

The name does not appear anywhere in the municipal records in Belgium however.  Investigation will now be carried out on the basis of the identity of the man who has been arrested, Smail Tulja. It may then be possible to determine whether the suspect lived in Belgium, and in the town of Aarlen, as the US authorities maintain.

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