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Stress hits one in three Belgian workers

Published on 29/03/2004

29 March 2004

BRUSSELS – One in three Belgian employees suffers from work-related stress, according to trade union statistics published on Monday.

Belgium’s Centrale nationale des Employes (CNE), which represents salaried workers across the country, says a third of Belgian employees complain of stress-related symptoms.

These can include nervousness, sleeping problems, digestive disorders and palpitations, said the CNE, which added that it was “worried” by the findings of its survey.

But the CNE also insisted that work-related stress is relatively easy to control, if employers are prepared to recognise the problem and do something about it.

The trade union called for better communication inside companies between staff and management as well as firmer guarantees of employment for staff members.

Reducing workloads would also help cut stress levels, the CNE added.

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