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Unions didn’t sanction strike

Published on 20/04/2007

20 April 2007

BRUSSELS – The strike at the Haren bus depot in Brussels was not sanctioned by the trade unions, says Alex Vonck of socialist trade union ACOD. The action is “arbitrary and very confusing,” the union spokesperson says.

Vonck says the strike is part of a small action at the MIVB transport company this morning.

“Some are protesting the agreement reached on Thursday, others want better safety conditions, and still others are unhappy with labour conditions. It is arbitrary and confusing,” the trade union spokesperson said. The action is not sanctioned by the unions since an agreement was reached with MIVB management on Thursday.

Vonck says the strike only affects the depot in Haren and a few trams in Molenbeek. A spokesperson for MIVB said that half the buses are not leaving the depot in Haren. Talks with management are underway.

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