Home News Unprecedented ‘top score’ as official rugby match ends in 356-3

Unprecedented ‘top score’ as official rugby match ends in 356-3

Published on 11/02/2015

The visitors launched an appeal against the result, after the referee had arrived one hour late, with some of their players having already left the grounds.

The score must be some kind of a world record in a rugby top flight, it can be heard.

Soignies did have a decent excuse though. The referee didn’t turn up, and another one was called up to replace him. The game eventually kicked off 1.5 hours later than originally planned, but at that time the Soignies coach and some of the players had already left.

The other Soignies players decided to start the match after all, to avoid losing the match on default, but were not happy with the decision.

They let the home team just play and showed no opposition, which allowed Schaarbeek to cross the back line with the ball 56 times. It has not been reported how Soignies managed to get three points.

Soignies launched an appeal with the Belgian Rugby Association, claiming the game could not be played under normal circumstances because the referee was absent.

One week earlier, Soignies managed to beat Schaarbeek in a ‘normal’ Cup match, taking it 18-31.


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