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Church attacks ‘failed sexual revolution’

Published on 02/02/2004

2 February 2004

MADRID – Spanish bishops claimed Monday the sexual revolution had failed and family life was suffering as a result.

In a 250-page report, they launched scathing attacks on the “damaging” effects of materialism and political lobbies who back rights for gay groups.

The report was expected to provoke angry responses from from the gay lobby as well as civil rights groups.

The study, published Monday by the Spanish Episcopalian Conference, analysed the causes of the current problems that families are facing.

It also offered a series of guidelines to help overcome these difficulties

The bishops’ report claims that in today’s society, the main source of humanity’s problems stem from marriage and the family.

They say political authorities have only introduced partial counter-measures, evidenced by the “catastrophic” effects caused by Spain’s plummeting birth rate.

The document adds that despite the alarming statistics, it is surprising that debates focusing on the population and family issues tend to highlight alternative family models that in no way address peoples’ real problems.

As far as the sexual revolution is concerned, the document states that time has proven it groundless, and more importantly, the unquestionable evidence of its adverse effects.

It adds it is clear society is facing a multitude of men and women who have failed in life and who have experienced the break-up of their marriage, as well as an alarming increase in domestic violence, sexual abuse and underprivileged children who are growing up with a serious lack of affection.

For the bishops, to silence the suffering of so many people by resorting to promoting the abundance of material resources on-hand in a consumer society is an ignorant move that is a serious blow to man’s dignity.

A clear reflection of this is when the media and political authorities turn a deaf ear to this intense human drama and back certain gay lobbies who claim unwarranted rights, eroding significant building blocks of a society that affects all of us.

The bishops add that ignoring the social impact of this problem is mainly due to the widespread belief that marriage is a private affair that is left entirely up to individual free will, which leads to ignoring the repercussion that failed marriages have on children and families.

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