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Greenpeace protest stops ship

Published on 28/04/2004

28 April 2004

MALAGA – Greenpeace activists intercepted the Cyprus-based ship “Winner” Wednesday to prevent it from unloading an alleged cargo of nine thousand of tonnes of genetically-modified soya beans in the port of Malaga.

The ecological activists boarded the ship at the entrance of the port to investigate the contents of the cargo and demanded a stop to food contamination.

Several Greenpeace activists climbed the ship’s cranes to hang a banner reading “Spain does not want genetically modified food”.

Others demanded that the captain allow them to study the transport documents and take samples for independent testing.

The activists have been following the ship from Argentina.

The raid in Malaga was one of several operations in an international campaign against genetically-modified  products carried out in Europe, Asia and America.

It also coincided with the founding of the 82,000 member strong Greenpeace in Spain.

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