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Orange peel ‘makes hamburgers healthier’

Published on 06/02/2004

6 February 2004

MALLORCA – Research revealed Friday a better use for orange peel, a by-product of one of Spain’s biggest industries.

The peel could make hamburgers and yoghurts healthier, the study found.

A chemical engineering research group from the Balearic Islands University (UIB) is testing the nutritional value of food enriched with orange peel fibre.

Research leader Dr Carmen Rosselló is trying to find solutions to make better use of excess citrus production by recycling citrus peel.

The first project, financed by the Balearic regional government in collaboration with the Sant Bartomeu agricultural cooperative, arose from the need to find a suitable use for the excess oranges from Mallorca’s juice production.

The second project, financed by the Ministry of Education and Science, is analysing the influence of fibre on fibre-enriched meat products.

According to the UIB, both projects could help develop so-called ‘functional food’, which has added elements that make it beneficial to health.

Researchers have analysed the fibre content of orange pulp and peel and have evaluated the ideal dehydration conditions to achieve quality orange fibre.

Once researchers were able to optimise the drying procedure, the resulting fibre concentrates were tested as a supplement in yoghurts and hamburgers.

Adding orange fibre enhanced the nutritional properties of dairy products, but tests are being carried out to reduce the particle size.

The nutritional value of hamburgers was also enhanced, and the fat content was reduced thanks to orange peel’s fat retention properties.

But the dose is being modified to eliminate the citrus smell from the meat.

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