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Royal wedding celebrations to be muted

Published on 24/03/2004

24 March 2004

MADRID – Crown Prince Felipe and his fiancée, former television presenter Letizia Ortiz, said Tuesday they will cancel their stag and hen nights out of respect for the victims of the 11 March massacre.

Prince Felipe has also decided to cancel a party which was planned by the council of Madrid in honour of the couple who are to marry on 22 May.

The couple had planned to celebrate their respective stag and hen nights before their wedding, which has held Spain in thrall since their engagement was announced last year.

However, the couple said the dramatic events of the 11 March and their aftermath had made them take the decision to cancel this party out of respect for the victims and their families.

Prince Felipe also cancelled the spectacular party which had been planned in his honour by the Madrid council on 17 May.

He has asked that the money which was to have paid for the party should go to help pay for a monument to the victims of the terrorist attacks.

The wedding festivities are also to be scaled down.

The celebrations will be limited to a meal the day before the wedding for other Royal families and close friends.

On the day of the wedding, there will be a banquet after the service in Madrid’s  Almudena Cathedral.

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