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French teacher vanishes in Colombia

Published on 09/02/2004

BOGOTA, Feb 8 (AFP) - A French citizen teaching in a Bogota university vanished while visiting Colombia's Amazon province early last month, French police sources told AFP Sunday.

Marc Beltra, 23, has not been heard from since January 2, when he crossed into neighbouring Brazil on his way to an unknown destination on the Javari river, French Consul Noel Saez said.

The region he visited borders Brazil and Peru.

 French police recruited the help of Colombian, Peruvian and Brazilian authorities to look for the Paris native, who was a French class assistant teacher for eight months at Javeriana University, according to a French consulate source.

Beltra left Bogota on November 27 to the city of Leticia, in the Amazon province, 1,200 kilometers (746 miles) south of the capital, to visit Amazon tribes, according to French investigators.

He only had his passport and USD 110 on him.


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