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French town cooks giant truffle omelette

Published on 19/01/2004

UZES, France, Jan 18 (AFP) - A giant truffle omelette worth several thousand euros was whisked up in the French town of Uzes on Sunday during an annual fair to celebrate the "black diamond".

 Due to the unusually hot spell in the summer, the price of the black truffle, exotically known as the tuber melanosporum, has risen to EUR 1,000 (USD 1,250) per kilo.

Some 3.5 kilos of truffles and more than 3,200 eggs went into making the giant omelette by a local association set up 18 years ago.

Prepared in the openair, the culinary feat required a frying pan of some 3.7 metres in diametre. It was cut into 1,000 pieces and sold.

“The giant omelette is a convivial way of allowing consumers to get to know the truffle without it hurting their wallet too much,” Claude Rosso, of the association said.


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