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Dopey dope fiend was a ‘cabbage head’

Published on 19/01/2004

19 January 2004

BRUSSELS – A Belgian tourist was arrested at the weekend for smuggling 250g of cabbage leaves mixed with a tiny amount of marijuana from Amsterdam to Brussels, the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf has reported.

Railway police caught the man on an express train between the two cities and made him pay a EUR 200 fine, despite the fact that his “stash” contained such a feeble amount of intoxicating material.

People regularly travel to the Netherlands from neighbouring countries to stock up on drugs and police continually play a cat-and-mouse game with them to try and stop them getting the drugs back over the border.

Last month, the authorities caught another man in possession of an illicit bag of dried vegetable soup — for which he had apparently paid the best part of EUR 800.

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