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Man attacked because of Dutch accent

Published on 17/02/2004

17 February 2004

AMSTERDAM — A man was set upon and left in a coma in Belgium because his attackers were annoyed by his Dutch accent.

Michel de Bubos, 38, was sitting with friends in a kebab café in the Belgian town of Turnhout when he was assaulted on Monday 16 February.

A group of young people started a row and they attacked De Bubos after hearing his accent, which they said was “too Dutch”.

The victim, who lives in the town, received a severe beating and was admitted to hospital in a coma. Doctors discovered he had a blood clot on his brain, a broken jawbone and ripped eyebrows.

De Bubos has since been moved from the intensive care unit to a normal hospital ward.

Police in Turnhout say on Tuesday that the two suspects are known to the police, but have not been found yet. 

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