Home News Olhão’s old market area to become ‘modern and multipurpose’

Olhão’s old market area to become ‘modern and multipurpose’

Published on 25/05/2018

Olhão’s western approach is to be remodelled to turn it from a “hitherto, little cared for zone, into a green and pleasant leisure area with gardens, urban beaches, commercial spaces and a new hotel.”

The kennels and council yard will be relocated to make way for the mayor’s €3 million building plan which will start in the first quarter of 2019.

The traditional smell of fermenting sewage wafting across the city should abate when the new €13 million Faro-Olhão waste water treatment plant is commissioned at the end of 2018 – as a reference, the new sewage plant in Companheira, Portimão has failed to remove the malodorous stench completely but it is not as bad as before.

For those with a scatological bent, the pumping plant neat the fish market bars will remain in situ to waft bacteria-laden air over tourists and locals alike.