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Conman arrested for Algarve property scam

Published on 13/01/2019

Faro Police detained a 65-year-old conman yesterday, on suspicion of running a real estate scam and using false bank documents.

The man already has a criminal record in Canada and now has had the experience of an appearance in front of magistrates in Faro Court.

The case against the man is that he claimed to be waiting for an, “imminent bank transfer of €200 million, to enable him to enter into promissory contracts for, “high value and benchmark properties and commercial properties in urban areas of the city of Faro and in other areas of the Algarve,” according to the police.

He also is accused of providing falsified bank documents and, “sought to extort money from real estate sellers, claiming that he needed an advance to unblock the bank transfer and thus proceed to the escritura to buy these properties.”

The man was detained as part of an investigation carried out by the Department of Investigation and Criminal Action in Faro and has been allowed free as long as he pops into the police station every fortnight and doesn’t leave the country. He also is banned from contacting any of his alleged victims.