Home News Faro Hospital fights viral “false” Facebook post claims of missing baby

Faro Hospital fights viral “false” Facebook post claims of missing baby

Published on 13/12/2019

A Facebook post claiming that a couple’s new-born child had gone missing due to the “incompetence at Faro Hospital” went viral yesterday. However, in a statement, the hospital has slammed the social media tale as being false.

The Facebook post reads that when the father of the child came with a friend to visit his wife, who had just given birth, “no one in the hospital knew where the mother and baby were being kept.”

“The friend complained and the nurses did not know. They went to call the doctor who didn’t know either. The friend spoke with a social worker, who found the mother, but there was no trace of the child. Simply no one knows,” the post claims.

But Faro hospital has said that all the information in the post is false. “The child was admitted to the hospital, accompanied by the parents, who have always had all the information,” explains the hospital in a statement.

Moreover, the hospital has identified this as a “risky situation”, which has led them to been report the parents to “the Commission for the Protection of Children and Youth”.

The baby who was reported missing from Faro Hospital was infect at all times in the building “receiving medical care,” assured Ana Fazenda, Algarve Regional Coordinator of the Commission for the Protection of Children and Youth.

“We are following the case and trying to protect that child. Right now, the baby is in need of medical attention and is in the hospital,” said Mrs. Fazenda. At the same time, the CPCJ is “trying to find out the whereabouts of the unknown mother with the help of the GNR.”

“The mother is not at the hospital right now. We don’t know her whereabouts and we are trying to identify her address with the little information we have.” She added.

The post that generated the social media furore is also under investigation. Ana Fazenda, for her part, said that the commission “is assessing the situation”, in order to determine if the child is, in fact, at risk.