Home News GNR reveal importance of international cooperation in tackling high season in the Algarve

GNR reveal importance of international cooperation in tackling high season in the Algarve

Published on 13/09/2019

In a statement, the GNR highlighted international cooperation thanks to the permanent presence of police personnel from the Spanish Guardia Civil, the French Gendamarie Nationale and the Carabinieri of Italy to conduct mixed patrols in the most popular tourist areas of the Algarve.

 In order to respond to the security needs that exist in the Algarve region every year during the summer season, the GNR, through the Faro Territorial Command, reinforced by means of the Intervention Unit and the Security Unit, intensified patrolling in the most popular tourist areas, committing resources from various authorities such as territorial, criminal investigation, intervention, traffic, nature and environment protection, cycle patrolling, horse patrolling and community policing sections .

 Within the scope of prevention and surveillance, and similarly to what it has been doing throughout the year, in June, July and August, the GNR carried out a series of police operations in Albufeira, aimed at combating crime, as well as the reduction of road accidents in places with a high concentration of people.

The GNR revealed that over the summer 107 people were identified for drug trafficking and use, of which 41 were arrested, with 1,341 doses of drugs seized, and other arrests, two for possession of a prohibited weapon; one for counterfeiting and another for falsifying a foreign driving license so that a person under 17 could purchase alcoholic beverages.

A total of 109 offenses related to economic activities and the operation of establishments were registered, of which 42 were street vendors; 38 for establishment operation beyond the permitted hours; 6 for unauthorized advertising (distribution of leaflets); 4 for holding events on public roads without licensing; and 2 for sale of tobacco without a license.

In the same period more than 1,600 drivers were inspected and 96 drunk drivers were detected, of which 44 were arrested for driving with a blood alcohol concentration of over 1.2 grams per litre.

In addition, 74 people were detained for lack of legal driving license. 914 road traffic offenses were detected, of which 77 resulted in the driver being detained for improper use of their mobile phones while driving; 36 for lack of MOTs; 23 for lack of or incorrect use of seat belts and/or child restraint systems; 17 for anomalies in the lighting and/or signalling systems and 15 for lack of compulsory liability insurance.