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Olhão moves forward with new Animal Collection Centre plans

Published on 26/09/2019

After completing the required architectural project, the contract for the preparation of the Olhão Animal Collection Centre, a fundamental tool for animal welfare in the county, was signed this Thursday, September 26th.

It is intended that all preparations will be completed by the end of the year, so that, in the first quarter of 2020, construction can begin.

The new municipal kennel and cattery is aiming to be a national reference for the standard of conditions for resident animals, staff and potential adopters.

The facility will be set up on a municipal plot of land with an area of ??7986 square meters (m2), located in Sítio da Alecrineira, in the parish of Quelfes, with an estimated construction area of ??over 2000 square metres.

The main building will be dedicated to administrative tasks, as well as containing a veterinary office, a ward, a pharmacy, an operating room and a recovery room.

As for the other two buildings, one is for storage, and the other for separate canine and feline adoption areas, as well as a shearing and bathing room.

The animals will be accommodated in three dog housing units with a capacity of 150, and one cat housing with a capacity of 32.

The Official Olhão Animal Collection Centre will be complete with a livestock housing area as well.

However, despite the limitations presented by the current Collection Centre, a number of animal welfare actions are still being developed, in partnership and under the collaboration protocols established with other animal protection entities. These are aimed namely at the sterilization of animals.

Thus, as regards sterilization, around 70 dogs and 170 cats, male and female, have been intervened since the beginning of the year, which is possible thanks to the new kennel operating room opened August, and an agreement with a local Veterinary Care Centre.

This protocol will shortly be extended to wandering cats as well, in order to respond even more effectively to needs.

In addition, and aware of the importance of the mass sterilization of stray animals, the municipality of Olhão also submitted an application for financial support for sterilizations they carry out. Another of the main tools of intervention of the Veterinary Office is the promotion of adoption opportunities.

This year, by early September, 64 dogs had already found a new home.