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Pedrógão Grande – stolen donations case dropped

Published on 06/03/2019

The Public Prosecutor’s Office has closed down the judicial process that investigated the alleged diversion of donations that were meant to go to the victims of the fatal Pedrógão Grande fires.

The prosecutor filed the case, concluding that there had been no misappropriation of cash or materials.

The court concluded that, “no diversion of any donated money has been demonstrated, whether by the Council or by others” and that, “the suspicions over diversions of material goods have not been confirmed.”

The open inquiry was opened “following news published in July, 2018 in Expresso, which raised the suspicion that money had been diverted in the aftermath of the June 17th fire in Pedrógão Grande.”

Pedrógão Grande Council said in a statement that both the local authority and “its president, Valdemar Alves, were not expecting another result” from this inquiry.