Home News People scramble to petrol stations as combustibles strike looms

People scramble to petrol stations as combustibles strike looms

Published on 09/08/2019

The large amounts of people racing to petrol stations has already caused several of them in the Algarve to run out of fuel, and those that do still have fuel are facing long queues.

The gas truck drivers’ strike doesn’t start until Monday, but the Algarvians – and the many tourists who are in the region – do not want to run out of fuel, and are “racing” to fill their vehicles. High demand has already caused diesel and, in some cases, also gasoline, to run out in several pumps around the region.

The number of cars driving to stations is also creating traffic problems on various roads and roundabouts, notably along the entire length of the EN125, as queues also eventually occupy the lanes. , which causes traffic jams.

In Faro, the Jumbo filling station, which is part of the Government’s Emergency Gas Station Network (REPA), next to the Athletics Track, ran out of diesel due to high demand last night. However, this morning the fuel had already been replenished and the gas station was operating normally despite the queues.

The same is not true of the BP station, on the opposite side of the road, next to the Faro Motor Club, which had no fuel available today.

And the situation is not unique to the capital of the Algarve. According to an online interactive map there are also stations currently without gasoline or diesel in Albufeira, Portimão, Silves, Vila Real de Santo Antonio, and Lagos.

Bearing in mind that the truck drivers’ strike does not start until Monday, it is expected that some of the stations that are currently empty will still be able to replenish their deposits before the strike begins. However, this week’s petrol fracas is still a telling sign of the chaos that could ensue next week.